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Heritage Hotel Fort Chanwa Luni is an exceptional example of elegance and symmetry in Indian architecture of the 18th century.

The entire haveli is built out of the famous red sandstone of Jodhpur and with its ornately carved lattice work friezes and intricate “jharokas” or balconies it exquisitely captures the romance and grace of yesteryear.


This fortified haveli is composed of a complex of courtyards, towers, a water wheel, passages and unexpected stairways to secret pavilions and panoramic roof tops spanning the village below and the Thar horizon beyond.

The traditional paintings on the walls harmoniously reflect the skills of the master craftsmen and the bygone days.

The village of Luni nestles in the shadow of the castle walls and is a hub of activity with its many artisans fashioning metal, clay or wood into intricate forms and demonstrating their skills passed down over the centuries by their ancestors.

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